Masonry Work

At General Masonry Services Inc, we provide the best and widest range of masonry work for people living in Evanston, Glenview, Northbrook, Wilmette, Winnetka, Lake Forest and other nearby areas around Chicago, Illinois.  We have won several awards for our masonry & construction work  due to our consistent quality and service standards. We have been voted as the Best Masons in the construction field for Northbrook & Deerfield.

We are one of the very few masonry contractors in Illinois with over 15 years of experience in both commercial and residential masonry repair and construction work. We have managed to maintain 100% positive feedback from all customers over the years & we are proud to boast about our superb quality of masonry backed with professional management for timely completion of all kinds of construction and masonry projects. Owing to the high standards we have set for ourselves, 70% of all our construction and masonry service projects result from repeat customers.



Masonry Contracting For New Residential and Commercial Projects

Masonry Repair Services for all types of

Residential & Commercial Work

Northbrook, Wilmette, Winnetka, Evanston, Lake Forest, Deerfield, Highland Park, Northshore, Glenwiev,  Highland Park Illinois.

New Construction / Exterior Elevation 

Masonry Restoration & Renovation

All Full Brick & Full Stone work

All Thin Brick & Thin Stone work

Chimney Repair & Rebuilding


Fireplaces ( masonry boxes included ) 

Building of Monument Signs / Fountains / Balconies 

Concrete work / Driveways, Aprons & Walkways 

Patios & Driveway / by Unlock 

All Bluestone services 

Staircase Construction & Redesign work

Driveway Construction & Redesign work

Lintel replacement

Waterproofing services

Stucco installation & repair  

All masonry repairs and quick services 



Please fill out the short form in Our contact to make a request for a FREE ESTIMATE.

A General Masonry representative will qualify your request for an estimate and contact you for more information. In most circumstances we will visit qualified sites in person to make an estimate.


Discuss Your Construction Concerns

Estimates / Final Negotiation / Contract Review

The majority of our estimates are done by visiting and inspecting job sites, followed by a written and delivered estimate

within 24 hours from the site visitation. However, there are different circumstances that may require meeting at

our office, especially when it comes to a final negotiation of the new construction of larger projects. Meetings

are coordinated with the SEO of the company and an individual owner / agent of the new project. 

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